Where We Work

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation works in remote villages in the mountainous region of Nepal. These villages are very remote and difficult to access, therefore very little aid or assistance is available.

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Nepal is a small developing country sandwiched between China and India. The rural mountainous village regions are receiving little aid, although many homes, farms, businesses and schools were destroyed in the 2015 earthquake. Nepal is extremely poor and there is not much aid reaching these distant villages. Currently, most of the worldwide attention to need is concentrated in Africa, The Caribbean, and South America. Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation is building awareness about Nepal and providing support to the neediest communities.


The Villages

The villages where we work were selected based on the severity of the earthquake damage and the nature of the economic status of the people.

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation concentrates on the province of Nuwakot, particularly Jyuan Joti and Social Heart Schools in the small town of Satebatto.  We also spend a lot of time at a very remote and very very poor school called Aischelu.  We network with schools in Pokhara and KTM after the mountainous village volunteering program is competed. 

We are looking to expand to the Langtang region as well as the Ghurka region.


The People

Many of the people we work with in the local villages are Hindu and vegetarian. While English is taught in schools, some of the older adults only speak a few words of English. We always take a guide or an interpreter with us to facilitate good communication.

All children are taught English in school.  We have found that by second or third grade students have no problem understanding lessons our volunteers teach in English.