Our Mission

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation has a 3 point mission in order to provide hope to rural villages in Nepal.

  • To raise awareness of the need of rural Nepal,

  • To assist in improving the educational systems of Nepal

  • To provide resources for children in dire need of support in order to continue their education.


Raise Awareness

One aspect of the Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation mission is to raise awareness of the dire need in rural Nepal, and to share information about the country and culture of Nepal in the United States. Raise awareness in your community by hosting an Awareness Program or connecting students in your community to students in Nepal.


Improving the Educational System

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation seeks to improve the educational system in Nepal through a grassroots effort to improve rural schools, provide school supplies, restocking school libraries. Volunteers bring new lesson designs taught to students, as well as work with the teachers on how to improve their educational process.


Two students supported by scholarships for further education

Two students supported by scholarships for further education

Provide Support for Students

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation provides hope in the form of financial educational support to the students whose parents were killed or badly maimed in the earthquake.

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation also provides scholarship assistance for those students wanting to further their educational degrees so they can come back to these devastated villages and pay it forward.