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It all started when…

About Our Work

Nepal is recovering from the earthquake of 2015.  Much destruction. Much tragedy.  The country doesn't have the resources we do, but we can help.  Students are trying to get an education while parents are struggling to rebuild their homes and schools.  



Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation was founded to assist Nepalese students and the educational system that was totally devastated by the earthquake of 2015. The earthquake left many schools in ruins, and many families unable to send their children to school.


Where We Work

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation concentrates in the rural mountainous village regions where high levels of poverty are prevalent and very little aid reaching the areas that are distant from population centers.

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Our Mission

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation has a three point mission to raise awareness of the need of rural Nepal, assist in improving the educational systems of Nepal, and to provide resources for children in dire need of support in order to continue their education.

Get Involved



Your financial contributions can help to sponsor individual children to attend their local school, rebuild rural schools, purchase school supplies, and to provide scholarships to older students wishing to further their education.

Donations of school supplies and smart phones are also welcome.



Connect your students to the students of Nepal through our organization. Your school or organization can host an Awareness Program in order to learn more about the country and culture of Nepal. Inspire your students to connect with students in Nepal through our penpal program.



Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation relies entirely on volunteer support, and volunteering is the most significant donation a person can ultimately make.  Travel with us to Nepal to share your time and talents directly with Nepalese students and families. Or contribute your time and talents to the efforts without leaving home.