How it all started

From Our Founder


Our goal and mission is to assist the young students in remote regions of Nepal recover and insure that their education is uninterrupted after the devastating earthquake of 2015. This earthquake not only destroyed their schools but destroyed their homes and livelihood. We are supporting the students in their quest to stay in school.

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation grew out of a serendipitous series of events.  I was only planning on one mission trip, however a former student wanted to take her entire family. 

The group of volunteers on my second mission trip included 15 volunteers from Iowa, one from Canada, one from London, one from Scotland, one from New Zealand, one from Bhutan, and three from Nepal.  A nice cluster of volunteers. 

The serendipitous event occurred as I fleeced as many of my friends to ‘pay it forward’ and make a donation for the children on these mountain slopes who lost everything.  So, with the group of 23 volunteers, with our bags loaded and donations for school supplies, we headed to Nepal. 

One night on a mountain slope, talking this former student of mine and her children, we conceived of developing a foundation to establish our existance with the U.S. Government.  Upon returning from that trip we formulated the Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation, a certified 501 c(3) organization.  This former student is now the Vice-Chair of our foundation operations.

Our foundation volunteers are vested in making a difference in this remote country that gets skipped over in terms of relief and other forms of support.  Especially after this earthquake the world’s donations stayed in the capital city of Kathmandu where 6 to 7 million people reside.  None of the donations never made it out of the capital city.  Because of this, as well as tremendous need, our foundation is dedicated to remote regions. 

Our board consists of a Lawyer/Mother/Volunteer, a Minister, an Earth Science Teacher, a Biologist/Research Scientist, a retired Special Education Teacher, and me, a retired Biology Teacher.


Ernest Schiller,

Chair of Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation

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