And our journey to Nepal 2019 to begin soon!

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation project journey begins in just a few days. I think we are close to ready. We have 24 volunteers from USA planning to donate their time and educational resources with our foundation visiting over 13 village schools. It’s an aggressive educational mission and I want to thank all of my (our) readers for your support this past year leading up to this mission trip. Yes, it has taken a year to group, re-group, collect supplies and needed resources to accomplish our mission. Plans are to have one ton, 2,000 pounds of educational supplies delivered to the school children in the remote mountainous regions of Nepal that was devastated by the earthquake of 2015. But more financial support is needed for us to accomplish my aggressive list of support. If you can, please consider a donation to our GoFundMe Site for Nepalese children’s education at the below website.. Namaste until we meet in Nepal.

Ernest Schiller