2015 Earthquake

Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation was founded to assist Nepalese students through rebuilding the country’s educational system that was totally devastated by the earthquake of 2015.

The earthquake was so intense that Mt. Everest receded 8 inches and the entire capital city region of Kathmandu raised 10 feet in 30 seconds in a matter of less than three minutes. There was extensive damage and an estimated 9,000 deaths. Over time, it is easy to forget a natural disaster that happened in a small country sandwiched between India and China. But Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation refuses to forget.

The rural mountainous village regions are receiving little aid, although many homes, farms, businesses and schools were destroyed. Nepal is extremely poor and there is not much aid reaching these distant villages. Currently, most of the worldwide attention to need is concentrated in Africa, The Caribbean, and South America. Rebuild Nepal Education Foundation, a 501 c (3), is dedicated to helping these people grapple with the devastation and try to rebuild.